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What is the emotional disposition of your city compared to other cities in the United States? How does the mood of your city change on Friday at the end of the day compared to Monday morning? Does the mood of your city get worse when it rains? The Moodisphere iPhone application provides up-to-the-hour mood rating for your favorite cities, as well as the top 5 cities with the worst and best trending mood.

Moodisphere is an application that gathers social media content in real-time to provide a score measuring the happiness of your city compared to other cities in the United States.

A word of caution: This is not a weather app! Moodisphere provides a mood score, based off of what people are currently tweeting about in your geographic area.

– Create a list of ‘favorite’ cities
– View top trending happiest and most unhappy cities
– Nerd View, showing raw statistical values behind the calculations (just click the weather image!)
– Tweet directly from the app!


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