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TweetVote gathers social media content in real-time to provide a “public perception” score for the U.S. 2012 Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates. In short, TweetVote aggregates thousands of tweets from individuals and news agencies to measure the candidates’ current favorability rating.


✓ Create a list of ‘favorite’ candidates (Democrat, Republican, and more)!
✓ View a daily trend of each candidate’s public perceptions score!
✓ Drill into actual tweets to see what people are really saying!
✓ “Nerd View”, showing raw statistical values behind the calculations (just click on the trended image)!
✓ Tweet directly from the app!

How does it work?

Your friends at AppScience, LLC have created a proprietary statistical model that analyzes “tweets” using Natural Language Processing (i.e. “Sentiment Analysis”) based on positive or negative language used in reference to the selected candidates. We then do some statistical kung-fu to ensure a valid comparison against other candidates (hi-ya!).


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