About Us

AppScience, LLC is a software and analytics company focusing on iPhone, Android, and web development. Our products are rooted in Social Media and “Natural Language Processing” whereby social media content is analyzed to produce a mood, public perception, or favorability score based on the negative or positive comments within those messages.

The methodology employed in our products not only allows one to know the current favorability of an entity (person, place, thing, or concept) in real-time, it also allows one to track the relative change of favorability compared to a historical baseline.  For example, let’s say that one’s political candidate is trailing in the polls, and the user of the application would like to know if the debate from the previous evening had a positive impact on the candidate’s favorability score.  The AppScience Analytics methodology allows the user to see the current “point-in-time” score for that candidate as well as any recent changes in favorability (good or bad).

Although the AppScience™ Analytics methodology has an endless number of practical applications, we are currently pursuing the following topics:

  • Public perception of major political figures
  • Box Office movie and theater ratings
  • Stock Market “buzz” on major corporations
  • Measuring city “Happiness”

While the above topics are our current interests, we always welcome comments and ideas from our user base.